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Book Review-Obsidian(lux series) by Jennifer L Armentrout.



Obsidian(lux series) by Jennifer L Armentrout:

So this series has been on my mind for a while i heard mixed reviews but most were positive! This series sort of blew up a little from the 4th book ‘Origin‘! After i finished the infernal devices i picked this book up from my bookshelf at about 3\4am in the morning and had to literally pull myself away and get some sleep! I finished the book in about a day and a half, trying to delay finishing it as i still haven’t been able to get a hold of the second book ‘Onyx‘!

Now about the book! The author has a very modern style of writing that really made me, as a teenager highly engaged from the first line of this book, this could be a problem for sophisticated readers. The plot starts off with a girl named Katy who has a blog and films reviews on books and has a passion for it: so from that moment pretty much every book lover is pulled into the story just by Katy, then comes Daemon(sexy!) who try’s his best to have a great distance to his new neighbor, Katy. But his twin, sister ‘Dee’ insists on befriending her! Through-out the beginning theirs all these clues clearly portraying the ‘twins‘ aren’t just your average human! The detail in this book in intense scenes is fast-paced and exciting and really makes your feels hit the roof, the amount of times i read this on public transport and had to force myself from having a smile plastered on my whole face! 

The only thing that just doesn’t sit properly for me is the covers of this series have a lot of daemon on them but he honestly looks like a 27 year old man not a 17 year old boy, he just looks way to old and not the young, handsome boy described in the book but, i mean that’s just my annoying opinion haha!

I definitely recommend this series, its very different to ANYTHING ive ever read, i wont spoil what its about but pretty much i’ve never read about Aliens and thought it was clique for ‘sci-fi‘ but i was so wrong! This series is very under-rated and needs to be hyped up a lot more!

Thanks for reading! xx

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