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Divergent trailer!


So unless you have read divergent. and not seen the trailer, you’ve obviously been living under a rock!

This heart-racing, action filled, crazy 76 seconds trailer shows off Theo Jame’s beautiful shirtless body, and Shailene Woodley tearing up the set! For me Kate Winslet wasn’t my Jeanine Matthews for me but i know she is an AMAZING actor (cough cough titanic, revolutionary road).

As for the director’s decisions the film looks like a thrilling experience and will hopefully fulfill my expectations due to the amazing book!


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Review on City of Bones(Movie)!

City Of Bones Movie – Review

So as we all know the City of Bones movie was released quite a number of weeks ago and i got to experience all the hype a number of weeks after i had finished read the AMAZING book! It was August the 25th and i had dressed up in all black leather (‘It means ‘Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234’:), i went in with high expectations and tried my best not to pick up any little things that would make me question the screen writers reputation.

I was sitting in the cinema excited and the first half of the movie was leaving me questioning everything. first of all the greenhouse scene was umm.. quite heart racing and i did not expect Demi Lovato to be blasted through the speakers, it didnt mind me as much but i mean it was a little ehhhh it was making me focus on the music more than the romantic scene! Next the vampire\fighting scene made me very entertained due to the loud dubstep music, that was a funny moment. Now the second half of the movie wow that was engaging and adventurous! Valentine and hodge revealing a plot twist in City of Glass, really? They just let that…. slip out!? Now the ending bit if im not mistaken it wasn’t ment to be in the institute, right? Well it was and it just made me comparing the film and the book.

In saying all of this i was happy with the movie, a few thing’s could of been adjusted to really make the film flow, like the book ..BUT im happy i know it will leave City of Ashes a great mission to make hence the POSTPONING!

I was impressed with the casting it was amazing Jamie Bower Campell + Lily Collins = amazing (CLACE)

Kevin Zegers playing Alec was impressing, a little old for my liking but his acting backed up any of my doubts. Jemima West, you queen! I was very impressed how she was very small but her acting smashed that and made her a bad ass Isabelle! Robert Sheehan, do i have to say anything? Not really because he was my exact Simon and was not bad in any sort of way. Jocelyn, eh she did ok, in the book she was a lot more intriguing in the book so yer i dont have THAT much to say, i have the same sort of opinion for the portrayal of Luke Galloway. Valentine, oh Valentine, my eyes were drawn to your… dreadlocks\plaits omg i just couldn’t take my eyes off them, i think Leonardo dicaprio could of done better even if he walked on set with jeans and a crop-top! hahaha yer i just didnt believe his, evil representation! Magnus, yes Magnus your acting was a 7/10 for me but my glimpse of his look was my exact Magnus look, THOSE EYES AH.. PERFECT! So thats my review on most the main actors, loved all of them maybe their could of been some tweaking but yes im pretty impressed.

Focusing all this together, id give the movie a 8.5/10. This is my opinion so im sorry if this review wasn’t your cup of tea! It is If you have any requests or anything please tell me.

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